Alyssa + Drew in Berkeley, CA

Alyssa and Drew really turned on the waterworks during their ceremony at the Brazil Room in Tilden Regional Park.  Their crying though was a mix of tears with lots of laughter, and it’s always so fun for us to see our couples this much in love.  Plus, it’s a little fun to tease them about it too.  Sorry, Drew.

We’ve had quite the adventure with Alyssa and Drew as their engagement session will attest.  This time around we managed to get them lost among the trees in the Botanical Gardens in the Berkeley hills.  We’ve had so much fun working with these two throughout, and we’re sure their marriage will be filled with a ton of fun and hopefully lots of tears of joy.  Congratulations, you two!

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  • Melissa Tuck

    on August 13, 2013  10:40 AM

    There are so many funny (in an endearing way) shots here! Love this set!

  • Clara

    on October 23, 2013  10:53 AM

    my little sister is getting married in three months and I'm sure this is going to be very helpful. Congratulations for the post :)