Alison Yin Photography

INFORMATION: Compliments

"Yaaayyy!!! AMAZING photos!! Love, love, love!!! I’m sorry that I didn’t write you earlier, but every opportunity I had to be on a computer...I was looking at our pics! :D

We had such a great time working with you guys.  We will definitely be contacting you for more pictures as our family grows....although this wont be in the near future by any means ;)  Next time we’re in the bay hopefully we will be able to catch up.  

Take care!!"


"Oh my god! I love it...all of it! I am at home and Jack is out with his co-workers but he is going to die. Love, love, love! Thrilled... beyond. I could not be more pleased. Thank you for all your hard work!"



These photographs are the most amazing I have EVER seen. I've been doing my homework with Judith since you sent them to us, looking through them A LOT, but I just had to email you tonight because Judith sent those links to our family to take a sneak preview and we IMMEDIATELY got amazing feedback.

My sister was like, "my children don't even look that good in real life! I have to order my own album."

Richmond, Judith's artist/designer brother said that "the photos look amazing. They really capture how beautiful the wedding was." We were totally blown away and apparently it's not just us!

Will look forward to sending you our picks. It's going to be hard!"

-Tom Chi

"Hi Alison,

Tom and I are so excited about the beautiful photos you and Adm took - they really captured all the moments of our special day. It was so fun for me to see all the things happening that I missed (whether due to dress changes or just waiting for an entrance). We can't wait to see the album.

Thank you!"


"Hi Alison!

Marc and I LOVE the pictures, couldn't be happier with them, truly. You were a dream to work with, and we have gotten SO MANY compliments about you - there's all the usual horror stories about wedding photographers barking orders at people, pushing guests and relatives out of the way, etc., so of course folks were very impressed with how invisible you were, and how fast the group photos went. We would happily be an enthusiastic reference should you ever need us to be."



We were with my parents again last night and my mom kept saying, "Your photographers did such an amazing job. She has such a talented eye - so artistic." And she is right. I know that I say it all the time, but we do love our pics and are so thankful that you shared your talents with us on our special weekend."

-Laura and Jason

"Hi Alison,

I saw the gallery and I am truly blown away! Everything looks absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much! You are the best photographer ever... you work is amazing!

I hope all is well with you and we will be in touch!!"



"Dear Alison and Adm,

Thank you so much for photographing our wedding. We just had a blast reliving the day looking through these together. You guys did an amazing job and we have recommended you to a number of our friends. We had so much fun with you both and are so glad that you were a part of our special day. Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you again."

-Matt and Hillary