Jacky + Aaron in Big Sur, CA

When Jacky and Aaron, who live in Kansas, started making their wedding plans, they knew they wanted to honeymoon in Big Sur.  Fast forward a few internet searches later, and they ran across Rachel and Sky’s Big Sur wedding and instead decided to get married in the same park.  Normally, we prefer to meet with our clients in person or at least have a Skype meeting before moving forward.  The idea is that this insures a good fit between us and our couples and making sure that we all feel comfortable together is crucial for allowing us to work in a documentary style and get those intimate moments.  However, because Jacky had fallen in love with Rachel and Sky’s wedding, she was certain she wanted us to be their photographers, and so we never actually met or spoke before the wedding.

So, as Adm and I waited in the Pfeiffer Beach parking lot for Jacky and Aaron to arrive, eagerly staring into every car as it pulled in, playing the “Is that them?” game, I kept thinking that we should have met them first.  I thought, What if they don’t like us?  What if we can’t make good pictures with them?  It turns out this was just another time in my life that I had nothing to worry about.  Before the day was over, Adm was talking football with Aaron and I was joking around with Jacky’s dad and we were having a great time clicking away.  Jacky and Aaron, you two are the sweetest!  Congratulations!!!

Photo below by Adm:

Photo below by Adm:

Photo below by Adm:

Photo below by Adm:

Photo on left by Adm:

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  • Fred

    on April 2, 2013  12:15 PM

    I'd never heard of Big Sure before, but, man, it looks so beautiful. I want to go to there. The shots by the water are especially breathtaking.

  • Rachel

    on April 6, 2013  9:34 PM

    The shots are breathtaking, Alison and Adm. You two did an incredible job! And were fun to hang around, too!

  • Robin Lovelady

    on July 1, 2013  8:51 PM

    I am currently looking for a Big sur location for my wedding. Where in the park was this? And did you have to get permits?

  • Katie

    on September 20, 2013  6:44 PM

    Is anyone familiar with the April weather in Big Sur? We are thinking about getting married April 19th, and I am so terrified about rain!

    Any help would be SO appreciated!!! :)

    From- the stressed bride