Tammany + Kyle in New Orleans, LA

When I was younger, my everyday outfit consisted of leggings and matching tops from Lands End (thanks, Mom!).  There may or may not have been a pair of lavender corduroy shortalls involved that I may or may not have picked out myself.  As the youngest of three girls on my mom’s side, my oldest cousin, Tammany, was always appalled by my fashion choices.  She used to ask her mom (my aunt), “Is Alison ALWAYS going to wear leggings and big t-shirts?!”

So yes, as you’ve probably guessed by now, the bride of this blog post is my cousin Tammany, whom I’ve known and loved my entire life.  Her groom, Kyle, has equally endeared himself with our family, and so when they called in June to announce their engagement, we were all ecstatic!

Although I’ve never planned a wedding myself, I have been around my fair share, and it seems that couples always struggle with creating an event that meets their family’s expectations and remains authentic to themselves.  For this reason, I love how Tammany and Kyle got married: they eloped in New Orleans, a place they had never been but always wanted to visit.  And we were lucky enough to come along and photograph it all.  While they might have thought they were planning a wedding just for them, Tammany and Kyle gave Adm and me our dream wedding to photograph:  we drove around New Orleans the day before looking for the perfect ceremony spot (which I would say we found), and they gave us unlimited time for portraits during the best light.  How much better can it get than wandering through the French Quarter and an old cemetery with a completely smitten couple on their wedding day?

Adm and I love these two so much and are so happy for them!  Congratulations, Tam and Kyle!  Your future is so bright and happy and may you be blessed with children who are as fashionable as I once was!

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  • Amy Plumb Fisher

    on February 12, 2013  9:35 AM

    Beautiful images, Alison!! Love the backdrop of New Orleans, as well. =)

  • Ellen C-P

    on February 12, 2013  12:24 PM


  • BigFan

    on February 13, 2013  10:19 AM

    I'm no expert, but I think these are among your best work. Congratulations, Tammany and Kyle.

  • David Burke

    on February 17, 2013  5:27 AM

    So wish we did first look here in the UK!!! Lovely work.

  • Wedding Favors

    on February 19, 2013  5:53 AM

    Congratulations to Tammany and Kyle. I really love the romantic New Orleans French Quarter photos they are so elegant.