How would you describe your style?

Our style is about capturing the fun and beauty in the moments that reflect the spirit of your wedding, making it truly yours. Think of that moment when a typically stoic father lets his guard down for just a second, upon seeing his daughter in her wedding gown, or that moment when a guest flower bombs a bridesmaid walking down the aisle. As photojournalists we capture defining moments and real emotion.

My fiancé and I are camera shy and don’t like having our picture taken. How will you work with us?

You’re in luck! We are just so stealthy (like ninjas!) that you won’t even notice we’re there. Because of our documentary style we don’t take the standard stuffy or cheesy portraits that make you feel even more awkward and uncomfortable. You get to be yourself at your wedding.

Do you photograph details and family group photos?

Why, of course! Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events that bring all your people together, and all those details you spent so much time planning are expressions of your style.

Do you always shoot together?

Yes – two photographers means twice as much awesome, fewer missed moments, and the freedom to take risks and be more creative. Plus, Adm is a whole foot taller. That means we literally bring two different perspectives.

You are a couple, but how long have you worked together?

Since the day we met. I walked into Adm’s life on my first day at the newspaper where he worked. That was July 2006, and I like to think he fell for me the very same day. We have been inseparable ever since, and so when we started photographing weddings in 2009, of course we knew it would be another adventure together.

Do you guys travel?

We LOVE to travel! If you are going some place awesome, chances are we would love to go there with you. Photographing a wedding on a privately owned island in the Caribbean is at the top of the list; so if you happen to own one and are getting married there please do get in touch.

We love your portfolio and are committed to working with the best photographers for our wedding, but why the high price point?

This isn’t just what we do – it’s who we are. We put our hearts and souls into every wedding. Yes, we’re perfectionists, but in the best sense. We take on a limited number of weddings each year so we can create the best experience for our clients. Photographing your wedding isn’t just about showing up and taking pictures. It’s about collaborating to create images that are not only beautiful but more importantly, meaningful. This process starts from our first meeting. When you look at the big picture, what you are paying for isn’t just our artistic vision; it’s our dedication to you and your wedding.

Can we meet with you before we hire you?

Yes, please! We won’t sign a contract without having an in-person meeting, phone call or video chat with you. Since our photo style is documentary, it’s so important that you and your fiancé both feel comfortable with us so we can get those natural moments.

How do we book you – what are next steps?

You can reserve us for your date with a signed contract and a 30% retainer.

Do we need an engagement session?

Do you really need a second bowl of ice cream? Our couples love engagement sessions because they capture a bit of their lives leading up to their wedding, and it’s a great way to get to know us and become more comfortable in front of the camera.

Do we need an album?

We live in a digital age. Most of our pictures are online and we look at these images on our phones and computers. We remember most of them only about as long as we are looking at them. An album is the exact opposite of the transient nature of the Internet. It is the embodiment of the best day of your life, full of so much love and memories. Whether you are looking at the album for the first time or your grandchildren pick it up 40 years later, all of that love and happiness will still be right there, in your album. It is probably one of the most meaningful luxuries you will ever invest in.

Should we hire a wedding coordinator?

Yes, yes and yes! An experienced and detail-oriented coordinator will make your day so much more enjoyable. We have seen many disasters averted at the wave of a good coordinator’s magic wand.

How are the photos delivered?

It takes us 4-6 weeks to edit and image each wedding. We deliver roughly 800-1000 final high-resolution corrected images. There’s a good mix of color and black and white, and the files are ready to print. You’ll receive a PIN that allows you to download your entire collection from an online gallery that will remain active for one year.