A New Album!

I'm so excited to introduce a new album into my collection!  The book is completely different than the other two albums I offer as it has more of a modern coffee table book feel.  It's a hardback book with photos printed directly onto the pages with bright archival inks and matte (or glossy) pages.  These books are perfect for creating a truly custom book, and they'd be a great choice for guest sign-in albums for all of your engagement photos (stay tuned for a guest sign in as the next sample).  It's made by Vision Art Books, and for my first sample, I outsourced the design to Brandon Peterson of The Album Design.  I plan to use Brandon for all of my album designs from now on since I am not a designer and it takes me sooooo much longer for me to design books.  Brandon did an incredible job, and I love his clean, crisp style!  I created the sample from Ashley and Adam's lovely San Francisco wedding last fall.

All the album photos were taken by Adm.