Junie + Eddie's Photo Booth

Junie and Eddie had a super wedding and photo booth in Santa Rosa this past weekend!  They even made larger than life cardboard cutouts of themselves (such a great idea!) for their friends and family to pose with!  Of course, the backdrop was made by The High Five Factory.  Check out their fun video and stay tuned for wedding pictures!

Oh hey, recognize these two?

Amy + Kamika's Photo Booth!

Our dear friends Amy and Kamika were married over the weekend!  Much much more on that to come, but for now, enjoy some photos and the video from their photo booth!  Need I reiterate that the photo booth is ALWAYS a big hit with guests of all ages?  Backdrop made by The High Five Factory.  Oh, and forgive me for the long lapse in between blog posts.  We are working round the clock right now plus we just moved (!!) so things are a little crazy right now.  : )

Kamika + Amy Photo Booth from Alison Yin on Vimeo.


Melody + Cyrus' Photo Booth

1920s roaring 20s themed wedding photo booth at montalvo villa in saratoga, california Melody and Cyrus had a roaring 20s themed wedding, so naturally, the photo booth had to reflect the 1920s as well.  I personally am a big fan of 1920s styles so I loved searching for the props, and my grandma (who was born in 1925!) helped me make some sequin and feather flapper headbands.  This was a really fun crowd that came dressed in style and had a great time tearing up the photo booth.  Normally, we do photo booth pictures in color, but I thought that the black and white was fitting for this particular booth.

Now, this is a girl who dances like me, Isadora Duncan style.

Do these two below look familiar?  They should!  We photographed their engagement session, wedding and photo booth (the inspiration for Melody and Cyrus' booth) last year, and now they're expecting!  Congrats Ginny and Sep!

This has got to be my favorite (OK, second favorite behind the top photo of Melody and Cyrus with the flying hats):  How can you not love a serious kid with foreboding, gloved fingers?

Liz + Darren's Photo Booth

wedding photo booth in capitola, california Over the weekend, we put up our first photo booth of the year for Liz and Darren's wedding in Capitola.  We did some things differently for their photo booth, which I'll share in a later post, but for now, I wanted to post their movie.  Make sure you watch through to the end so you don't miss Liz's sister Mary's solo dance show! The snippet of a song is "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz.