A New Album

I'm adding a new album maker into the mix and am excited to show them off here!  This is Jimmy and Reshma's wedding album, made by Leather Craftsmen.  Now, you might be asking yourself why do I need yet another album option?  Well, I love having options.  My mom has always told me it's better to have options than to not.  Each couple I work with is new and unique, and their wedding is a reflection of their personal styles - Dana and Marc went DIY and everything had a homemade, artisan feel whereas Marika and Felix created an intimate, romantic and sparkly night.  Every wedding is a story that needs to be communicated in a different way, and the final piece that brings their story together, the album, needs to also be a perfect reflection of each couple's unique wedding story.

I'm always on the lookout for new ways to add to every couple's wedding - whether it's trying out different lighting techniques or finding new wedding vendors, searching for the perfect album for each couple is just part of the treasure hunt.  Please let me know what you think about my latest addition!