Adm in Tahoe

When I first started taking pictures seriously (in college), my camera was attached to my hip and I obsessively took photographs of everyone I ran into all the time.  A few years into my career, I started getting really bogged down by all of the post-processing, and somewhere in that period, stopped carrying my camera with me all the time.  Now, I'm feeling re-invigorated and one of my goals for this year is to do a better job of documenting my personal life.  Recently, we took a mini trip to Tahoe to meet up with some of our dear friends.  While waiting for them, I made Adm ride his bike around in circles in the parking lot so that I could photograph him in the gorgeous backlight.  This isn't the greatest picture by any means, but I love that he is totally just humoring me in his expression.  Those little expressions and moments that hint at the nature of our relationship are the kinds of things I want to remember when I look back at pictures.