Ashley and Adam's Photo Booth

AA-dance As I'm getting ready to post Ashley and Adam's wedding photos (probably will happen this Friday), I wanted to first share some images from their photo booth.  The reception was in the Spanish Suite of the Clift Hotel in San Francisco, and while it was a gorgeous space, there wasn't a whole lot of extra room for the booth.  We ended up using what is normally the coat closet so that the photo booth was about half the size that it usually is.  In this case, size didn't matter because Ashley and Adam and all of their guests still had an awesome time!  Apparently, mustaches on chopsticks are ageless because they have generational appeal (we're talking four year olds to grandpa ages)!  Ashley was pretty specific about her props (nothing cheesy!) so we had mustaches, whiteboards and a couple of empty gold frames from Etsy.  Check out their video below:



I think this would make the perfect holiday card! Bridges_PB_0163

Kisses all around!  Look at those faces....




This is a great idea for "thank you" notes: