Beth + Daniel Engaged!

engagement photography in knights ferry in central california I'm going to be a bridesmaid this coming year for my dear friend Beth.  We knew we weren't going to be able to photograph her wedding so Adm and I wanted to do her engagement pictures to help capture part of the happiest time in her life.

Beth could not be more perfectly matched than she is with her fiance Daniel.   Adm likes to call Beth the "Fiesta Bandita" (or "Party Bandit") because  no matter where you go, Beth ALWAYS seems to have just the right bottle of wine, champagne, home brew, wedge of cheese or baguette at hand, literally in her purse, to perfectly fit the situation.  And now, the perpetually happy Daniel with a heart of gold is always ready to throw gas on Beth's party fire.  These two are nonstop fun and I'm pretty sure you can tell from the pictures that their engagement shoot was exactly that.  Plus, Daniel, who still DJs in his spare time, raised the roof for us all over Knights Ferry which is where he proposed to Beth.

Beth and Dan, you know we love you and we absolutely cannot wait for your wedding this May - it is going to be like no other!