Crystal + Vincent in San Francisco, CA

Crystal and Vincent were married in the Spanish Suite of the Clift Hotel in November.  They had a lovely, intimate affair - there were candles and crystals everywhere, which really nicely accentuated the simple flower arrangements.  Since everyone snuggly fit into one dining room, they managed to combine elegance with coziness, which seems to perfectly reflect both Crystal and Vincent - they were both very formal at times, especially considering Vincent's military background, but throughout the course of the night, they still let loose and partied with all of their friends and family.

This was our first wedding where we photographed everything indoors (with the exception of 10 minutes right outside the Clift for some night light portraits as shown above).  Since we're big natural light people, this was a fun challenge to figure out how to light everything while still retaining our same photographic style.

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