Dressing for Engagement Sessions

what to wear for engagement sessions

I'm also a big fan of including props that are either fun and playful or meaningful for you as a couple.  One of the first engagement sessions that Adm and I did was with Judith and Tom, and it was an absolute blast because they asked us to photograph their session as the story of country mouse meeting city mouse, which is how they felt their relationship came about.  We brought all kinds of fun props including a loaf of bread and a big straw hat for Tom to wear as the country mouse.  Even if you don't want to go that far, including something simple like a bouquet of flowers or balloons can add a sweet element to your photos.

props for engagement sessions

We're also big animal lovers and so anytime our couples ask to include their pets in a few photos, we're always on board!

dogs at oakland engagement session in bay area

So, there you have it.  Remember, there's no such thing as getting too dressed up or in poor Tom's case, dressing down too much.