Eva + Palani in San Francisco, CA

Who doesn't want to be first?  Nobody!  Especially in this household.  Adm and I are super competitive people, and  we both love to be first and love to win.  Not that this is really a competition when it comes to the sequence of weddings, but Eva and Palani are our FIRST wedding of 2011.  Three cheers for them!  Three cheers also for their families who flew halfway around the world to help celebrate their marriage: Palani's family came from India and Eva's mother came from Hong Kong.

For their wedding yesterday, Adm and I found ourselves back at San Francisco City Hall.  Despite a few hiccups (the wrong copy of the marriage license forced Palani and Eva to reapply for a new marriage license which pushed back their ceremony appointment), these two seemingly remained unscathed.  Actually, Palani kept laughing and grinning throughout the whole process, as if to say, "Eva, this is how the rest of your life with me will be so get used to it!"  Congratulations, you two!  We wish you a life full of laughs and adventures!

Next two photos below by Adm: