Favorites of 2011!

Sometime back in October, when we were photographing back to back to back weddings, all I could think about was January and having a weekend off.  Now that January is here and things are slowing down, all I can think about are this coming year's weddings.  For me, photography is truly a way of life - it's always on my mind, whether I'm taking pictures or not.  I can't help but see the world through that camera frame, and when I enter new spaces, the first thing I notice is the quality of light.  In looking back at all of our work this past year, I am reminded of how lucky Adm and I are to be able to share our love for photography with others.  We are so lucky to work with each other doing something we love.  It is not lost on us that this would not be possible without our amazing couples who let us into their lives and trust us to capture some of their most treasured moments.  Thank you.

Adm and I didn't bicker at all while putting together this best of gallery... No really, really we didn't.  Okay I'm lying.  But in our defense, it is HARD to whittle down thousands of images that we made over the course of this year to just our very favorites.  It's even harder to do this with another person because photography is so personal and subjective.  When we look at pictures that we made, we don't just see the actual image, we feel everything that was a part of what went into taking that picture in that moment, and sometimes it's baffling why others can't see and feel what you remember.  We each have images that we're attached to and in the photo world, it's not uncommon for editors to tell you "it's time to kill your baby," meaning, it's time to let go of some of those favorites.  So, in a task where Adm and I are killing our babies left and right, it's easy to see how things can get a little heated.  Not to worry though, in the end, we smoothed things over with some hot fudge sundaes and came up with 67 of what we think are our best images from 2011.

All photos by Alison Yin, Adm Golub or Brad Zweerink.