Introducing: CHRIS JORDAN!

I'm so excited and happy to introduce Chris Jordan, my first associate photographer!  Chris has made an informal appearance on the blog since he came through big time as a second photographer for Yen Yen and Davin's and Christy and Miguel's weddings earlier this year (while Adm was having/recuperating from back surgery).  Chris is an incredible photographer - not to brag but he won last year's coveted "Photographer of the Year" award from the San Francisco Bay Area Press Photographer's Association. He's a working journalist, and so you can check out his editorial portfolio here.  In addition to being such a talented photographer, Chris is a super nice guy and a great friend who also happens to live in Oakland.  Chris is also in the process of planning his own wedding to Sara, and so he's particularly conscious of all the details that go into planning the perfect wedding.  Adm and I couldn't be happier to have Chris join  our team!

Below are some sample images by Chris:  To view his full portfolio, please visit