Junie + Eddie Engagement

Why is it that some of our most memorable engagement sessions always include some kind of injury?  Well, we can add Junie and Eddie's session to that list as Adm came away from the shoot with a big lump and bruise on his forehead.  If you check out the ice cream photos at the bottom of this post, you'll notice that one is from a super high angle -  that would be me shooting while on top of Adm's shoulders.  Pretty impressive, eh?  Unfortunately for Adm, during my climb to the top, I forgot to hold onto my cameras which ended up conking him in the head.  Oops.  Luckily, I was able to somewhat crawl my way out of the doghouse by immediately treating it with a delicious ice cream cone.

But back to Junie and Eddie... these two were game for anything and total pros at having their picture taken.  Their wedding is coming up soon in November and we can't wait to see them get married in a round barn.  Yes, a round barn!  It's one of two completely round barns in the entire state and was built in 1891.  Be sure to check back in a couple of months to see that shebang on the blog!