Liz + Darren in Capitola, CA

undefined When we left Oakland headed to Capitola for Liz and Darren's wedding, I had no idea of the outrageously fun wedding and dance party that were in store for us.  It had been raining on and off, our photo assistant Marina wasn't feeling well and the overcast Bay Area weather were making this LA native a little gloomy.  However, when we arrived, the sun was peeking out from behind the puffy white clouds, the garden at the Monarch Cove Inn had flowers blooming everywhere, and we felt like we were stepping into the Secret Garden, where everything was sunshine and happy.  Liz looked absolutely gorgeous, and although she was a little nervous before the ceremony, as soon as she saw Darren, she was all smiles and laughs.  We were able to sneak these two away for some portraits on the beach, and they were so sweet and playful with one another.

As for the party, you may remember Liz's sister Mary's dance solo from the photo booth...  Well, the robot was only the beginning of a dance party that ranged from hip hop songs to the Disney's Little Mermaid.  It was a pleasure to share Liz and Darren's special day and meet all of their wonderful friends and family.undefined

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