Margee + Kate Elopement and Engagement in San Francisco

As a true Southern California girl, rain kinda bums me out.  Truth be told, I was a little nervous when I realized that all of Kate and Margee's elopement and engagement session was going to be photographed indoors because it was raining outside.  Lucky for me, we started with them at San Francisco City Hall where Margee and Kate signed their domestic partnership papers, and the cloud cover that initially bummed me out actually turned City Hall's giant upstairs windows into huge soft boxes.  And, here's a little photo lighting tip: if you want a quick and easy way to make your subjects look beautiful, use giant soft boxes to create soft, natural looking light.  They had a lovely ceremony with just the two of them before heading to the county clerk office to make things official, and we just loved photographing them in such beautiful light in such an amazingly gorgeous space.  Because San Francisco City Hall is so beautiful, photographing there can be frustrating because it can get pretty crowded with all of the couples getting married and taking photos.  I've never liked fighting for space, but Margee and Kate were just so involved with one another that it made it seem as if all the other people just disappeared.  Their smiles, laughter and love were so incredibly infectious that we all just created our own little world.

What better place to spend a rainy Friday afternoon than the Exploratorium in San Francisco?  After our session at City Hall, we headed to one of the best science museums around and pretended like we were all little kids, exploring all of the exhibits, mixing right in with the rest of the kids, and having a blast.  Adm and I had such a fun time finding spots to take pictures with different reflections, color and textures.  The exploratorium was the perfect environment to take photos that were a true reflection of Margee and Kate's fun and curious personalities.  We are so looking forward to photographing their wedding later this May!