Margee + Kate in Oakland, CA

same sex wedding in joaquin miller park in oakland, californiaThere is a feeling that you get when you're around Margee and Kate, and when we arrived to Joaquin Miller Park where their wedding took place, that feeling was in the air - not to sound too cheesy, but it was like this bubbling brook of happiness.  Everyone was running about getting the park ready for their ceremony, laughing and smiling as the ribbons for the chuppah blew in the wind.  Kate's smiles and Margee's giggles are so infectious it is overwhelming, which is attested to by all the care that their loved ones put into making their day perfect. We have loved working with Margee and Kate ever since we first met them during our consultation.  These two are so super duper in love that when I'm around them, I feel like I'm intruding on this really special and intimate moment.  But the truth is, that's just how their relationship is - they wholly appreciate each minute that they get to spend with one another.  Because Adm and I work and live together, we spend a lot of time together, and more often than not, we end up taking for granted all of this time we get to be with one another.  A lot of the time is filled with day to day boring routines as well as stress from working, and so even though we're physically together, it's not really time that we're acknowledging how much we appreciate each other.  Photographing Margee and Kate, and watching their ceremony, and the sweetness and closeness between them and their parents and siblings was such a joy because it really reminded us how precious it is to be with someone you love.  Margee and Kate, thank you for this gift, we are so happy for you and your families.


Photo on the left by Adm