Megan and Popeye

I have always loved dogs, and so before we got Kiki, to get my dog fix, I'd always happily volunteer to take my friends' dogs for walks, runs and give them lots of scratches and pats.  Popeye was no exception.  We met in the summer of 2008, while his aunt Beth was walking him around his neighborhood, and I immediately grabbed his leash and we started sprinting around the Castro.  The thing about Popeye is that when he's home lounging in bed, he's the laziest of dogs, but when he's out and about, he will 100% match your level of energy.  When I took hold of him that first day, we tore off down the street, raced around corners and almost took out a frightened lady with her little dog.

The other thing about Popeye is that he is one tough survivor.  He's deaf and so because he doesn't know how to have normal social interactions with other dogs, he endured a period of getting picked on by them.  He has also fought and beaten cancer twice.  Recently, he was diagnosed with cancer for the third time, which he is in the middle of fighting, and throughout his battles, Megan has given him the best care.  To say she would do anything for Popeye is not an overstatement.  They've been together for more than 8 years, and it is really incredible to see someone who so fiercely loves their animal.  Here are some images from an afternoon with Megan and Popeye at home and around their neighborhood.