The Trabuco Family in Baja California, Mexico

One of the things I miss most about Southern California, dare I say the only thing I miss (other than the people), is the beach.  NorCal beaches, as gorgeous and dramatic as they are, are not lay out and play in the ocean beaches.  It's just way too cold up here.  So, for the past few years, Adm and I have traveled some place super warm each winter during our wedding season lull.  A couple of weeks ago, we went to Baja California in Mexico.  The beaches were absolutely perfect, and it was just what I needed to get my ocean fix for a few days.

While there, we met a wonderful family from Minnesota (though originally from Brazil) who also needed some warm weather beach time, and we ended up doing a mini family shoot with them in the ocean.  Meeting people when we travel is one of my favorite things, and so even though we were technically on vacation, I'm so glad we have these pictures to remember this fun family we got to hang out with in Mexico.  Enjoy!