THEA + MARC in Altadena, CA

_mg_8316This was a very special wedding for me because I have known Thea and her family since kindergarten.  Like me, Thea is also an only child, and I often felt that she was like my big sister so I have many wonderful memories of us playing together - dress-up, trips to Disneyland, tea ceremonies, going to Little Tokyo in downtown L.A., climbing trees...  As she and other close friends and family members are getting engaged and married, I've started to become more nostalgic.  On the morning of her wedding, I was looking through old photo albums and found this picture of the two of us on one of our trips to the Huntington Library with our American Girl dolls.  Thea, on the left, is probably around nine, and I'm about seven years old.

theaalisonLooking at the photo makes the memory seem so vivid, but then I think about how much things have changed, and it again seems like such a long time ago.  Thea now lives in Chicago, and I probably see her parents more than her.  At any rate, I was so happy to be able to partake in her wedding.  Her husband Marc is wonderful and very musically talented so he and his friends played during the ceremony and reception.  The wedding took place in Thea's parents' backyard and was the perfect early summer garden wedding.








_mg_7161bwAnimals have always been an important part of Thea's home, and so it was no surprise that the turtles dressed for the occasion with purple bows and Momo, the pug, landed in a lot of my shots.