Argentina, Part I

Lounging on our rooftop terrace, soaking in the sun with cervezas in hand, wondering "which restaurant to try next?" followed by "which ice cream place to hit afterwards?", these were the tough decisions we faced.  This was our first vacation in four and half years, and it marked some major milestones:  Adm turned 30 and we completed our second season of photographing weddings full-time.  What better way to celebrate than head 6000+ miles down south to Buenos Aires where there was summer?  With Oakland and the Bay a world away, we finally had some time to rest and relax, and boy did we do just that.   We didn't travel with an agenda of things to do and places to see.  We went to try to fall into step with another lifestyle and to explore a new place at our leisure.  We did our best to disconnect from our world of email, Facebook, and work.  We lost track of the days of the week and only discovered that it was Sunday when tango music from the infamous San Telmo Sunday street fair filtered through our windows.  Although we wandered around Buenos Aires with our cameras at our side, our vacation wasn't about the pictures.  We photographed things when we wanted to and took pictures for our vacation scrapbook rather than our travel portfolio.

Since returning home, sitting at our desk, working side by side with our puppy at our feet, Adm and I have jumped right back into work.  That's not a bad thing though because we LOVE what we do.  However, in looking through all of these photos, I can't help but yearn for the summer heat (especially since it's been so rainy here) and the chance to escape reality for a little bit.