Argentina, Part II

Buenos Aires is a city for the night owls.  Everyone seems to be operating on the late night schedule, which is very pleasant when you're on vacation and have no agenda.  Early in the morning, at 1am, when all the exhaust from the traffic of the work day has settled and the weather cools to present a balmy summer evening, we'd wander through the streets of our neighborhood in San Telmo.  Cafes are bustling, people dance tango in parks and plazas, teenagers hang out on the street drinking mate and blasting music from their car stereos.  Even though there's so much activity, we still feel like we're on our own little secret adventure - maybe it's because we know that back at home at 1am everyone is probably sleeping, or maybe it's because it's so easy to disappear into the shadows during the night, or maybe it's because everything we see is new and exciting for us.  Whatever the reason, with the night there's a sense of drama.  In looking through our collection of photos, I found a lot of pictures that were taken at night where the dark is overwhelming.  Even many of the photos we took during the day were dramatic either because of the contrasty light or the imposing architecture or use of intense color.  Overall, the city is very colorful, boasting vibrant street murals and people who wear bold bright colors.  So, here is our collection of Buenos Aires, the dramatic city, with a few fun and silly vacation photos thrown in.

Photo by Adm
Photos by Adm