Ashley + Tom Engagement

We don't normally do this, but the other day, when we were just driving along, we saw this nice looking couple carrying a bunch of cute outfits walking along the side of the road and so we stopped to pick them up.  Okay, not exactly, but Ashley and Tom were walking through Crissy Field carrying their clothes when we met up with them for their engagement session.  From there on out, it was all fun and games as Ashley and I had to separate Tom and Adm a couple of times since they just wanted to talk about comics, and we all shared the most delicious and exotic milkshakes ever at The Ice Cream Bar in Cole Valley.  Unfortunately, we won't be photographing their wedding next year (which will be in Michigan) so this is all you're going to get of this sweet couple.  Don't you just love Ashley's pops of color against the San Francisco grey skies?