Amy + Kamika's Photo Booth!

Our dear friends Amy and Kamika were married over the weekend!  Much much more on that to come, but for now, enjoy some photos and the video from their photo booth!  Need I reiterate that the photo booth is ALWAYS a big hit with guests of all ages?  Backdrop made by The High Five Factory.  Oh, and forgive me for the long lapse in between blog posts.  We are working round the clock right now plus we just moved (!!) so things are a little crazy right now.  : )

Kamika + Amy Photo Booth from Alison Yin on Vimeo.


Liz + Darren's Photo Booth

wedding photo booth in capitola, california Over the weekend, we put up our first photo booth of the year for Liz and Darren's wedding in Capitola.  We did some things differently for their photo booth, which I'll share in a later post, but for now, I wanted to post their movie.  Make sure you watch through to the end so you don't miss Liz's sister Mary's solo dance show! The snippet of a song is "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz.



Argentina, Part III

As our driver made his way along the roads leading from the town of San Antonio de Areco and out into the countryside leading to the estancia (or ranch), where we would be staying for a few days, the whole world seemed to grow.  Endless fields of lush green soja created a gently swaying carpet stretching from horizon to horizon, only broken up by grassy pastures dotted with beautiful grazing horses.  Even with Spanish talk radio blaring and the car racing, the world around us seemed to slow down and sigh gently into our ear, whispering, "take a break."

I have to make a confession: we thought that there was a beach in Buenos Aires.  A beach where we could lounge in the sand, drink cocktails, splash in the ocean and forget what time it was for days on end.  As it turns out (and as any diligent vacationer would have researched), there are no such beaches in Buenos Aires, and so, we instead opted to relax in the country.

We slept in until the sun peaking through the shades forced us to wake and head downstairs to breakfast, and to no surprise, we found ourselves the last guests to partake in the dulce de leche, media lunas and small, but mighty Argentine coffee set out for us.  After breakfast, we had the option of a swim or ride before filling ourselves with an asado, a traditional Argentine bbq where there are many varied courses of different cuts of grass fed beef and bottomless glasses of Malbec wine.  The only thing to do after such a meal is to head back to bed for a siesta, only waking an hour later to watch a polo match before dinner.  As delightful and luxurious as all of this was, there are only so many days we could lay around like this.

On our last day, we woke early-ish to join the polo players on horseback for some stick and ball practice.  The speed and excitement of cantering while swinging at a ball is exhilarating.  I was amazed to find that I was able to hit the ball while at a gallop on my first time out - especially since while I do have some softball skills, hitting was NOT one of them.

This is the last of our vacation posts, and I hope that you have enjoyed seeing how we kick back when we aren't photographing weddings.

The Guppy Photo Booth!

Steph_Bill_PB_589My cousin Stephanie (left) got married last weekend in Fullerton, Calif., and although I wasn't able to take too many photos of the event since I was in the wedding, Adm and I did manage to set up a photo booth, which proved to be a blast!  My aunt made a special red crushed velvet back drop for the occasion, and it matched all of the sparkly props and dresses perfectly.  In the above photo, I'm in the center, flanked by my two cousins, Stephanie and Tammany, with whom I've always been close.  Stephanie and Bill, I love you guys and am so happy for you!

We put together a video using every single frame taken in the photo booth. Even though it's over seven minutes long, it's worth the download wait as it's VERY entertaining!


Above is our grandma (left) with her longtime friend Pat.










Remember Monique and George? They came out for some photo booth fun too!


Photo Booth Awesomeness!


This past Saturday, we set up a photo booth for Leslie and Tim's wedding at The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco (more of the wedding to come later).  The reception was held at the Crown Room, which Leslie and Tim picked for its incredible views of the city.  We absolutely HAD to use the gorgeous downtown view as the backdrop for the photo booth even though we ran into some challenges trying to light such a large window during the day when the light was constantly changing.  Luckily, I had Adm and lighting expert Steve Kosko on hand to figure things out!  The guests got creative and funky, particular photographer friend Kevin Seifert (see below left) who came out from North Carolina for the affair!





Here's me with my trusty crew (Adm and Steve):