Jessi + Michael Engaged!


This couple is pretty special to me: Jessi has been my best friend since I met her my sophomore year of college, and considering that we lived together for two years, we've got LOTS of memories.  Her family pretty much adopted me while I was in North Carolina, and even though I'm in California, I still like to think I'm one of the Owensby clan.  Since Jessi met Michael after I'd moved back to California, I only learned about him in our phone conversations and didn't really get to know him until they came out for a visit this past July.  Michael is pretty awesome, and Adm and I had such an amazing week with them, particularly since we benefited from their cooking expertise (check out their food blog here!).  I wish so much that they lived out here, and I'm doing my best to convince them to move out west!  I'm so happy Jessi has found a wonderful partner in Michael and can't wait to help celebrate their relationship at their wedding next June in Asheville, North Carolina.  Since I won't be photographing their wedding (bridesmaid duty calls), Adm and I did their engagement photos during their summer vacation.  We headed to Crissy field and then followed up with Lombard street in San Francisco.  Here are some of my favorites - enjoy!

About the above image:  this is Adm's photo that he made using an old viewfinder that was given to us by his friend Allen.  The viewfinder has collected lots of dust and bugs, which I think add character to the image.








This is Jessi and me on their recent vacation when we made a quick getaway to Lake Tahoe.