La Colectiva - Nonprofit Work

I don't normally post the non-wedding work that I do on this blog (actually, I have a separate web site for the documentary and photojournalism work here), however, I've just finished a major project that launched today and consumed much of my September and October, which also happened to be two of our busiest wedding months, and so I thought I'd share it. It's a combination of photographs, audio and video in a documentary/promo style for La Colectiva, a worker-run collective that's based in San Francisco. I photographed ten women and recorded their stories, and then created a multimedia piece (in Spanish) about the domestic worker experience as well as La Colectiva. I encourage you to visit  the web site where you can see the photos, listen to the stories (they're all in Spanish, but there are English translations), and watch the video (again in Spanish with English subtitles). This was a really fun project for me (even though extremely challenging since I'm not fluent in Spanish), and it was such an honor to meet and photograph such amazing women!