Alison + Bryan Engaged!

Disastrous and embarrassing, yet oh-so-fun!  Alison and Bryan's engagement shoot was a bit of a foley on my part.  During the stunt portion of their session at Crissy Field, I fell hard (or rather supermanned) on the rocks damaging myself, my pride, and my brand new leather boots.  I wanted to wear my new boots so much that I neglected to consider they weren't exactly made for walking on wet rocks.  It took me a minute to recover, but we were having so much fun that we joked our way right through to the end.  Leading up to (and including the fall), their photoshoot felt more like a day out playing with friends than work.  Actually, we met Alison and Bryan over a game of beanbags at Jaclyn and Andy's wedding this past summer so we knew their session was going to be a good time and full of laughs.  At the end of the day all was well because we alleviated my aching body with wine and delicious food at this amazing little French Bistrot near their apartment in San Francisco.

I should note that where I fell was just a short walk from where Bryan proposed to Alison.  He lured her to Crissy Field with a little white lie and had to pay off some skateboarding kids to scram so that they could be alone on one of the benches.  Furthermore, the restaurant that we went to with them was the same place they went after he popped the question!  So, basically we relived their proposal, but with a little comic relief thrown into the mix.

We did a pan and combined exposures at one of the piers.  I know it's really small, so you can check out a larger version here.

I love the ballerina pose!

Adm had to make this silhouette given the incredible sunset we had!