Marie + Todd Engaged!

One of the best parts of Marie and Todd's engagement session was not getting arrested for trespassing.  Who knew that a shoot that began with an ice cream sundae at Citizen Cake in Pacific Heights would lead to sneaking through fences and climbing the side of hills while wearing heels in the Presidio?  And on that note, Marie is a rockstar when it comes to walking/climbing in heels.

After we were done breaking the law, we headed to the pier by Crissy Fields for some shots with the Golden Gate Bridge in the fading light.  Adm and I had a fun adventure with these two and are really looking forward to their fall wedding next year.

San Francisco fall engagement photography in the Presidio and Pacific Heights.

We had one casualty during the shoot: Todd's sunglasses.  I feel partially responsible because I'd been reminding him all day to take his glasses off so he put them in his back pocket and subsequently sat on them.  Whoops.