_mg_3543bwI couldn’t be  happier that Monique and George were my first wedding of the season.  I'm always overcome with a bit of nervous excitement for the first wedding as I have a tendency to over-think and get butterflies from playing out in my mind how things can go wrong.  The silver-lining in this is that because I think of what problems might arise, I'm also prepared for when things do get off schedule.  Fortunately, everything went beautifully and smoothly with Monique and George's wedding in Santa Ana.

Monique and George came to me by way of my cousin, Stephanie.  When we first scouted the ceremony and reception locations, I knew that they were going to be wonderful to photograph; they were actively involved in planning the kinds of pictures that they wanted, and I always appreciate when a couple adds their ideas to mine.  Monique was a radiant bride, and George had a permanent grin plastered to his face all day.