Tips for looking extra fabulous in your wedding pictures

As more wedding days are approaching, I wanted to share a few extra ideas to help my brides look even more amazing in their wedding pictures. Hair and Make-up

1.  Your wedding day is not the time to experiment!  Make sure you have your hair and make-up styles planned and "rehearsed" well before your big day.

2.  Whenever possible, go with a professional.  Not only do the pros have a large repertoire of styles, but they are also more apt to keep you on schedule and give you hair and make-up that will last throughout the day.

3.  Waterproof make-up!  With all the sweating and crying that goes on at weddings, we want to make sure you avoid raccoon eyes, unless, of course, that is your intended look.  On this same note, it would be wise to carry some eye drops in your clutch to refresh any eyes red from crying.

4.  Try to avoid wearing super heavy face make-up.  It has a tendency to rub off onto people's clothes, which doesn't look very attractive.

5.  Keep it simple!  When it comes to your hair, you'll want something that you don't have to worry about throughout the day.  Simple styles that won't fall out or can easily be fixed with a bobbypin or two will save you a lot of headache.  As for make-up, I always encourage brides to stay with their own personal style, just with a little extra care and flair.  Remember, you want your fiance to still recognize you!

Before the wedding

6.  Practice your best smile (or serious face) in the mirror.  You'll be a pro model by the time your wedding rolls around.

7.  Try to get a good sleep the night before your big day.  I realize this will be difficult what with all the excitement of GETTING MARRIED the next day, but at least try.  My friend's grandma once told me that if you can't sleep, the next best thing is to trick your body to think it's sleeping by lying still with your eyes closed.

Day of

8.  Remember your vitals!  Or rather, eat and stay hydrated throughout the day.  I know what I look like when I have food anger and we certainly don't want any memories of that!

9.  Hold your bouquet down low around your tummy area.  Many brides have a tendency to want to hold their flowers up near their chest, but it looks much better when held lower.  The lower position will elongate your arms, hide any unwanted pooch and show off your neckline.

10.  Do not talk during your formal pictures.  Mid-sentence is never a good place to get caught in a photo.  Let's update that old Victorian adage to say, "Brides should be seen, and not heard."  (But only during your formals, of course.)

11. Take a break from smiling in between shots.  If you hold a smile for too long, your face will start to appear strained.

12.  Elongate your neck when being photographed from a lower angle - this will minimize double chins.

13.  Most importantly, RELAX AND HAVE FUN!  This is your wedding day so you shouldn't have to worry about a thing!  The brides who take the best pictures are the ones who are most at ease, laughing and enjoying themselves!