Myrrh + David Engagement

01_Myrrh_David_E_071 Today we're sharing Myrrh and David's engagement session in the Marin Headlands!  I love that they chose to collect mussels for part of their shoot - it's one of their favorite activities and turned out to be perfect for making fun pictures.  We ended with a hike in one of my favorite parts of the Bay Area so basically the whole time I was thinking, "This is really my job?  Taking pictures, mussel collecting and hiking?"  Yes, we're lucky to be able to do this.  Enjoy the photos! 02_Myrrh_David_E_00103_Myrrh_David_E_00204_Myrrh_David_E_004dip06_Myrrh_David_E_00807_Myrrh_David_E_01508_Myrrh_David_E_01909_Myrrh_David_E_030

Engagement session of Myrrh Sagy and David McEwan in the Marin Headlands, Calif., Friday, Feb. 19, 2016. Photos by Alison Yin/Alison Yin Photography11_Myrrh_David_E_058dip13_Myrrh_David_E_07914_Myrrh_David_E_08015_Myrrh_David_E_068