Roni + Newt in San Francisco, CA

01_roni_newt_0235 Heyyyyy oh!  We are still alive and kicking!  It's true, we have seriously neglected this blog, and I'm embarrassed to admit how many weddings we have to share.  For example, let's take Roni and Newt's wedding: these two were married in the spring of 2015 and now have a baby who is closer to being one than a newborn.  BUT, their joy, which is so apparent and led to many great moments is just too good not to share, so here we are 1.5 years later.  I'm determined to get back to blogging regularly (aiming for once a week) so you can start coming back to see all the fun.


On a side note, you may have also noticed that our site looks a bit different.  We gave ourselves a mini makeover and in doing so incorporated the blog and portfolio site into one domain (it was past time to do that).  Take a look around and we hope you enjoy the new do!


Onto Roni and Newt... they had an amazing wedding at Foreign Cinema, one of our favorite SF restaurants, and it did not disappoint.  We did portraits in the Presidio before heading to the restaurant, and I just don't think I'll ever get enough of those trees.  The ketubah signing right before the ceremony was probably one of my favorites ever - all the guests were invited to witness and the love everyone felt for this couple was palpable in the room.  The rabbi did not allow photos of the actual ceremony so we put our cameras down for most of it, but even with the limited ceremony coverage there's still so much real emotion and moments.  Take a look and enjoy this super fun couple!


Next three photos by Adm:

02_roni_newt_0003 03_roni_newt_0113 04_roni_newt_0005 05_roni_newt_0013 07_roni_newt_004506_roni_newt_0020 08_roni_newt_0063dip 10_roni_newt_0076 11_roni_newt_0098 12_roni_newt_0104

Photo below by Adm:13_roni_newt_0124 15_roni_newt_0194dip 14_roni_newt_0142 17_roni_newt_0277

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Photo below by Adm:24_roni_newt_0411 25_roni_newt_0473 26_roni_newt_0479dip 28_roni_newt_0516

Photo below by Adm:

29_roni_newt_054930_roni_newt_0556 31_roni_newt_0570

Photo below by Adm:32_roni_newt_0561 33_roni_newt_0598

Photo below by Adm:34_roni_newt_0616 35_roni_newt_040736_roni_newt_057737_roni_newt_0657 38_roni_newt_0664 39_roni_newt_0668

Photo below by Adm:40_roni_newt_0677 41_roni_newt_0686

Photo below by Adm:42_roni_newt_0694 43_roni_newt_0730 44_roni_newt_0732

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