Judith + Tom in Burlingame, CA

JT_wed_202 Working with Judith and Tom has definitely been one of our highlights this year!  We had a super fun engagement session with them in the beginning of summer so we knew they were going to have an incredible wedding with lots of smiles and laughs.  They were married the first weekend of October at Kohl Mansion in Burlingame, and despite a last minute change of moving the ceremony indoors because of high winds, everything flowed very smoothly.  For starters, Judith and Tom claimed the mansion as their home for the night by decorating it with personal photos and making guests feel cozy and comfortable.  Another one of my favorite features was that Judith had not one, but THREE dresses she wore throughout the night.  Judith and Tom also wowed everyone with the most incredibly choreographed first dance that I've ever seen!  In addition to showing off his amazing dance moves, Tom also surprise serenaded Judith during the reception with a few of his groomsmen as backup.  All in all, it was the perfect celebration for a couple so perfectly suited for one another. 024_23_JT_wed_158 JT_wed_veil JT-dipred JT-dip 058_57_JT_wed_196 ' 094_JT_wed_328 JT-dip2 108_JT_wed_391 115_JT_wed_248 118_JT_wed_268 070_69_JT_wed_237 066_65_JT_wed_221 145_JT_wed_535 151_JT_wed_524 180_JT_wed_716 JT-dip-toast 197_JT_wed_783 JT-dip-cake 207_JT_wed_820 Below is a slideshow with many more highlights set to their first dance song, "We Are in Love," by Harry Connick Jr.  Enjoy!

The Guppy Photo Booth!

Steph_Bill_PB_589My cousin Stephanie (left) got married last weekend in Fullerton, Calif., and although I wasn't able to take too many photos of the event since I was in the wedding, Adm and I did manage to set up a photo booth, which proved to be a blast!  My aunt made a special red crushed velvet back drop for the occasion, and it matched all of the sparkly props and dresses perfectly.  In the above photo, I'm in the center, flanked by my two cousins, Stephanie and Tammany, with whom I've always been close.  Stephanie and Bill, I love you guys and am so happy for you!

We put together a video using every single frame taken in the photo booth. Even though it's over seven minutes long, it's worth the download wait as it's VERY entertaining!


Above is our grandma (left) with her longtime friend Pat.










Remember Monique and George? They came out for some photo booth fun too!